Itsmyne x Battle Astra Strategic Partnership Announcement

NFT Labs enters into a strategic partnership with Battle Astra for its core product, Itsmyne.

NFT Labs is the developer of Itsmyne, a mobile and web-based social-plus marketplace for officially licensed sports NFTs. Itsmyne enables NFT enthusiasts and sports fans to “talk NFTs, trade NFTs”. Battle Astra is the Worlds first decentralised Autonomous Humans Platform!

How the partnership helps us: This partnership is the dawn of many more future partnerships and collaborations. To begin, Battle Astra and Itsmyne will join forces to empower each other in their web3 journeys, including the development of decentralized autonomous athletes, whose NFTs will be available as officially-licensed IP to the Itsmyne community.

About Itsmyne and NFT Labs:

NFT Labs is a disruptive technology startup in the digital collectibles space backed by leading blockchain institutions including Longhash Ventures, Antler, Oracles Investment Group, and Shima Capital among others.

NFT Labs is also the issuer of the MYNE token ($MYNE), a BEP-20 utility token for Itsmyne and partner applications. MYNE serves as the gateway between traditional social media and blockchain-based social economies.

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About Battle Astra:

Battle Astra is the world’s first Decentralised Autonomous Humans Platform!

After completing its first round of funding at a valuation of 7 million USD, Battle Astra revolutionizes the creator economy and the way people express themselves.

With their one-of-a-kind “PrimaHuman Protocol”, Battle Astra aims to create virtual humans that Look like a Human, talk like a human, walk like a human but are powered by a community of people”

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Social-plus marketplace for officially licensed sports NFTs. Talk NFTs, trade NFTs. Buy with crypto or fiat. Issuer of MYNE token.