Congrats to our Grand Airdrop Winners!

If you know you know — we ran an airdrop for the past several weeks that received a wildly enthusiastic response from the global crypto community. We’re overwhelmed by the love and support all of you have shown for ITSMYNE ($MYNE).

Today, we wish to convey our hearty congratulations to 10 lucky Grand Airdrop winners, to whom we have distributed $MYNE worth over $1,500!

We encourage these winners to HODL $MYNE and spread the word and love for ITSMYNE far and wide! We’re in the very early stages of building ITSMYNE, the world’s first social-plus marketplace for officially licensed sports NFTs.

Starting 10th November, you can stake $MYNE to earn up to 100% APY via our partnership with Ferrum Network. Alternatively, you may farm $MYNE to earn rewards in a basket of high-quality BEP-20 tokens via our partnership with Unifarm ($UFARM).

The dollar value per $MYNE is assigned according to the closing price of $MYNE on 7th November 2021 by CoinMarketCap.

Once again, a hearty congratulations to all the lucky winners. To stay in the loop for future airdrop and other opportunities, join our Telegram announcements channel, join our Telegram group, follow us on Twitter, or visit our website.

Wallet addresses of winners:

0x8E5e553348a287B1FaaC0E400e85E65B165d6a27 | $MYNE 6289.308176
0x85fd4909e4960d4e94fe1d7057cfa79bc6cc3ee5 | $MYNE 1257.861635
0x6b040AC1fB889273653e2BA9a4ba6D344370739 | $MYNE1 628.930817
0x467a1c29179252fe7e8e3ed75571a58ee0542336 | $MYNE 176.1006289
0xc2DFe2476B0f13FE051d6142dF74F83B8AcCA3c0 | $MYNE 176.1006289
0x948585F3Dfb6C58C6b5704579bc244f27Dc325f6 | $MYNE 176.1006289
0x13AC03300a65133e47c0758a1E0269552395F598 | $MYNE 176.1006289
0x8b058af8f69b8c1764e0d439d77c0af90c34ffb9 | $MYNE 176.1006289
0xd9A5B4c339A9483115D4b4a64E4aCCc18a92C05F | $MYNE 176.100628
0x54CbCD1bd3F409F7620093Dd6b2A8302E664Ba9A | $MYNE 176.10062

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