Leading blockchain infrastructure offers ecosystem grant to NFT marketplace disruptor

ITSMYNE ($MYNE) by NFT Labs, Inc. is building the world’s first social-plus marketplace for officially-licensed NFTs. ITSMYNE ($MYNE) is delighted to announce that it received an ecosystem grant and show of support from leading blockchain infrastructure provider Polygon ($MATIC).


Irreplaceable tokens or NFTs are becoming one of the fastest growing collectibles in the field of blockchain technology.
Generally, it can take many forms, such as photos, collections, clips, and so on. For sports enthusiasts, some famous NFTs are considered the Holy Grail. …

Non-fungible tokens have proven to be an effective way to generate alternate revenue sources in various industries including sports, arts, cinema, gaming and a lot more. The utility and exclusivity that NFT’s provide is an important factor that has the potential to steer this concept ahead. The sports industry is…

The tokens before have taken the art world earlier this year. NFT is a type of digital asset designed to have anyone who has unique virtual elements, such as photos, videos and sports commerce cards.

In March, graphic designer Beeple, based in South Carolina, sold NFT for $ 69 million…


Social-plus marketplace for officially licensed sports NFTs. Talk NFTs, trade NFTs. Buy with crypto or fiat. Issuer of MYNE token.

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